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Protect-A-Child Is Your Best Choice for Pool Fence


Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Company has been protecting children with our quality removable mesh pool fencing for over 26 years. With a Protect-A-Child Pool Safety Fence installed your backyard patio becomes a play area for your child – not a danger zone.

Our pool safety barrier is top quality, strong, UV resistant invisible mesh supported by either unbreakable composite fiberglass posts in our PREMIER LINE POOL FENCE or double wall aluminum support posts in our SILVER SERIES POOL FENCE.Our pool fence is a time tested, proven safety system backed by a lifetime warranty from one of the oldest, largest, and most respected companies in the industry.

Many people make the mistake of assuming all mesh pool fences are basically alike.They don’t find out until later that there are major differences. Support post strength and features that prevent removal make the difference between a reliable safety fence and a maintenance headache or worse yet, tragedy. We highly recommend that you view our pool fence videos to understand our safety features and how our fence performs when children interact with it.

Below is detailed information about our fences quality and patented safety features. Thanks for visiting, we're glad you’re here.

Two Lines Of Pool Fences

Our fences are differentiated by the posts that support the mesh.  The support posts provide all the strength to the fence and are the most important component.  We use the same top quality UV resistant, transparent mesh and stainless steel fasteners in both fences.  

PREMIER LINE POOL FENCE - Solid Core Composite Fiberglass Support Posts




  • Can never become bent or crooked.
  • Built-in color won't chip, peel or flake.
  • 100% weatherproof.
  • Never get hot in the sun.
  • Does not conduct electricity so meets the National Electrical Code to pass your pools electrical inspection.
  • Available in black, brown, tan, and white.


Our Premier Line pool fence posts are guaranteed for life against breakage and bending. This is critical in today's market where so many X and Y extrusion pool fence posts are too weak to support children playing and falling against the fence.


Mesh pool fences are supported by only 1" diameter support posts. They extend 4' - 5' up from the patio supporting the mesh fencing. It takes a strong post to prevent leverage from breaking or bending the posts. Most fences are made with thinwall X or Y aluminum tubes. Such thin posts easily become bent or broken by children and pets bumping into them. Not a problem with our composite fiberglass posts, you never have to worry about them breaking or becoming bent and crooked.  Only Protect-A-Child’s Premier Line fence with Quad Bilt composite fiberglass posts guarantees this. So your pool fence will remain straight, taut, and attractive year after year accentuating the attractive look and shape of your pool. 


In addition, our composite fiberglass pool fence support posts won’t heat up on a hot sunny day like dark aluminum posts can. Temperatures of black aluminum posts sitting in the sun can reach over 150 degrees! Fiberglass never exceeds the outside temperature staying cool to the touch.


Our composite pool fence posts have a gel coat color that is built-in to the resin. This is superior to the painted or coated finishes on aluminum support posts that can scratch, peel,and flake off. Our posts look great indefinitely.


This code does not allow any metal (such as aluminum posts) to be placed into your pool deck within 5' of your pool's edge without first grounding it to the house's grounding grid. This prevents possible electrocution hazards that could happen when a swimmer reaches up and touches an ungrounded aluminum post while still in the water. Only Protect-A-Child's Premier Line, non metallic fiberglass posts meet this code and allow your pool to pass its electrical inspection.

SILVER SERIES POOL FENCE - Reinforced Aluminum Support Posts

protect-a-child_pool_fence_bermuda_1_opt aluminum-fence-post-with-in copy_opt


  • Double wall construction is stronger than competing "X" and "Y" extrusion posts.

If we were going to offer a mesh pool fence with aluminum support posts - it had to be strong enough to keep customers children safe and our distributors happy.  So we developed new fence posts that are double walled at the critical fulcrum point where aluminum pool fence posts always break.  We don’t want customers needing constant replacement of their aluminum posts nor do we want our distributors frequently returning to homes replacing broken poles.   Our SILVER SERIES POOL FENCE with aluminum support posts offers a “post within a post" for superior strength to all competing "X" and "Y" extrusion posts. We start with a thick wall .063" aluminum tube (already 23% thicker than competing X and Y posts)  and reinforce it with a second thick wall (.063") aluminum tube insert inside the first one. This doubles the strength and ridgidity of our pool fence posts at the critical fulcrum point where the post extends out of the patio and where all aluminum posts fail.   Available in black, brown, and tan.

Two Exclusive Patented Safety Features Prevent Unauthorized Removal And Set Us Apart As The Safest!


1. Prevent Unlatching Of The Fence Sections:

Patented "Point Lock Secure" Latch

Our patented Point-Lock Secure Latch prevents anyone from unlatching the pool fence sections and gaining access to the pool.  They are lockable, easier to use, can adjust for fence tension, and are safer than all other latches. They represent a major safety advantage over gate hook type latches found on most mesh pool fences.  Such gate hook latches are easily defeated by a child.  Watch our patented pool safety fence features video that shows the performance and safety of this patented feature.


2.  Prevent Anyone From Lifting The Fence Out:

"Lock in Deck" Feature Locks Each Fence Post Into The Patio Preventing Unauthorized Removal.

Our patented Lock-in-Deck feature makes Protect-A-Child the only mesh pool fence that "twist locks" into the patio.  This completely prevents a child or babysitter from lifting the fence posts out and gaining access to the pool. No tool is required for this feature making it simple to operate yet totally safe.  This feature completely eliminates the reliance upon inconsistent fence tension as the sole means of keeping the fence in place.  Watch our Lock In Deck feature video that shows the safety provided by this feature.


Mesh and Pool Fence Components

safety-pool-fence_03PVC COATED POLYESTER MESH:

  • Strong: 1000 Denier.  Over 400 lbs burst strength.
  • Weatherproof: Colorfast, mold, and mildew resistant.
  • Proven: Over 26 years of continuous field use with zero failures.
  • Transparent: Exclusive open weave design.


  • 14 oz marine vinyl border material. Totally UV proof.
  • Top quality UV resistant thread.
  • Proven:  26 years with same thread, border, and sewing technique wtih zero failures.

2 Types of Pool Fence Gates



(Move your cursur over the picture to see how the manual gate works.)
  • SIMPLE: Works wherever sections begin and end.
  • SAFE because there are no automatic mechanisms involved and this gate is always visually either open or closed.
  • FREE.  No extra cost.


  • Strong aluminum frames don't rust.
  • Double post truss system.
  • The latest technology in reliable magnetically triggered gate latches.
  • Adjustable self closing hinges.
  • Convenient.
  • Removable.








Quite simple.  We offer a lifetime warranty against any defect in our materials or workmanship.  Our solid core composite fiberglass support posts are unconditionally guaranteed unbreakable and can never become bent.  This is how a 26 year industry leading company that you can count on confidently backs its fencing.

As you can see, Protect-A-Child is the only mesh pool fence company to offer unique patented safety features and exceptional strength characteristics with the industry's best warranty backing it up.


As good as our product's engineering is it is vital that no child be left unattended on the patio. Remember, only adult supervision can prevent a child from pulling a chair up next to a fence and climbing over.

Be An Educated Consumer

Your choice of pool fence is important.  Don't assume that because fences may look a like they are alike.  After your child has knocked the fence down and gained access to the pool is the wrong time to realize you bought the wrong fence.   Those searching out the cheapest prices will typically find a fence with weak support posts  and mesh susceptible to UV degradation that could fail you when you need them to do their job.  We see many ridiculous claims of product and component superiority when exactly the opposite is true.  For these reasons, let common sense be your guide as your fence decision should not be taken lightly.  Consider the four primary ways a child may defeat a mesh pool fence:  Climbing over it, knocking it down, unlatching a section, and lifting the posts out.  Also consider longevity of the fence itself. Only Protect-A-Child Pool Fence offers superior strength fencing and patented safety features that prevent all 4 weaknesses and have a 26 year track record that backs it up.


  • The strongest pool fence posts to prevent a child from knocking the pool fence down.
  • Climb resistant mesh.
  • Patented Point Lock Secure latches that prevent a child from unlatching the pool fence sections.
  • Our Patented Lock-In-Deck feature which prevents the child from lifting the post out and removing the fence from the patio.

If you're interested in placing a pool fence between your child and your swimming pool, make sure you get the one that does the best job protecting your child - choose Protect-A-Child.

Do You Need a Pool Safety Barrier Fence?

Parents today must be aware of the potential danger their backyard swimming pool poses to their young children.  Statistics show that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children under age 5.  We can’t imagine the traumatic circumstance of losing one’s child to drowning in their home swimming pool - despite several customers telling us of close calls - especially when such an occurrence is so easily preventable. Due to the severity of the pool drowning problem, parents need to be aware of their options for preventing their child from reaching their swimming pool.  Most experts including the American Academy of Pediatrics agree that a barrier fence around the swimming pool (pool fence) represents the safest  option for keeping your little ones safe. Using a pool fence as the necessary pool barrier to prevent access to the swimming pool provides the following advantages:

  1. A pool fence prevents your child from reaching the pool.
  2. A barrier pool fence allows others to use the swimming pool while keeping younger children safe and away from the pool.
  3. You are still able to enjoy the beauty of the water.
  4. Cleaning of the pool is easier compared with swimming pool covers

Pool Fence vs. Pool Alarm?

  • Alarms don't prevent your child from reaching the pool.
  • When relying upon an alarm you assume 3 things:  1.  The alarm will work.  2. That you'll hear it. 3.  That you will respond quickly enough - all the while  --   your child is in the pool drowning!

Options abound for ways to prevent a child from reaching a swimming pool undetected.  Most experts agree that pool fencing is the safest option available for swimming pool safety.  But what about alternative pool safety options? Options typically fall into 3 categories, swimming pool fencing, swimming pool alarms, and swimming pool covers.


While pool alarms may seem convenient they may not be your best choice for pool safety.  First, pool alarms do not physically prevent your child from reaching the pool edge and falling into the pool.  You are fully relying on several things happening to prevent a tragic drowning -  namely a tragic drowning of your child.  1. You are relying on the electronics of the pool alarm working correctly.   Many sensors are outdoors around the pool where corrosion and weather can play a factor.  2. You are assuming that you will hear the alarm once it sounds.  So many distractions can prevent this.  Walking to the mailbox, a hair dryer, TV, being in the garage, etc. can all distract you long enough to allow a few minutes to pass.  When it comes to pool safety and pool drowning – those minutes are critical.  3. If the alarm goes off and if you hear it, you are also assuming that you will react quickly enough to get to the pool, locate your child, and retrieve them from the water prior to significant damage taking place.  For us, there are too many variables at play here to rely upon a pool alarm as the sole means of pool protection in place of a pool fence.

Pool fencing on the other hand stands on guard 24/7 preventing your child from reaching the swimming pool.  Such a barrier around the pool may not be the perfect solution (a pool fence is no substitute for adult supervision) but it does offer significant advantages over pool alarms that can save your child’s life.

Pool Fence vs. Pool Cover or Pool Net?

  • A pool fence prevents your child from ever reaching the pool.
  • A fence can allow older children and adults to use the pool while keeping little ones protected.
  • Covers can be too difficult to remove and reattach.
  • Automatic covers are extremely expensive, may not work on your pool, and hide your beautiful pool water.

Pool fencing offers the swimming pool owner many advantages over pool covers or pool nets.  A pool fence provides a physical barrier to your child ever reaching the swimming pool. Such a barrier around the pool allows others to use the swimming pool even while the pool fence is in place.  Pool covers and nets must be completely removed prior to pool use.  Pool fencing also allows easier access to the pool by adults.  Simply unlatch the gate, walk through, and jump into the pool.  When you are done swimming, you can lounge near the water or simply walk back out the gate and head for the house.  The fence never moves and keeps the pool area protected.

Pool covers and pool nets on the other hand will require extensive effort if you want to use the pool.  First, you need to unlatch or unhook the cover around the full perimeter of the pool.  You must then, gather up this large cover or roll it up onto a large spool that occupies most of one end of the pool making that end of the pool unsightly.  Only then you can have access to the pool.

Done swimming?  Wait a minute! Don't plan on just walking away from that uncovered pool regardless of your time schedule.  The whole ordeal of removing the cover must be replayed (with more time and effort this time) by reinstalling the pool cover over the entire swimming pool.  This involves rolling out the cover or net, finding the correct starting point on the patio and bending over and rehooking the pool cover or net all the way around the pool.  With pool nets this will also require tensioning the center pulley system of the net to make sure it is tight enough to prevent a child from falling through the hole and drowning.  You must also make sure the water level in the pool is low enough to prevent the net from sagging under weight of a child and allowing them to drown on top of the net.  With solid covers you need to make sure the cover pump is installed to pump standing rain water off the cover - otherwise a child could drown in the puddle on the cover.   WHEW!  ALL THAT TROUBLE – JUST TO USE THE SWIMMING POOL?

As you can see, this is why pool fencing is a far better option than pool covers or pool nets when it comes to preventing children from reaching the pool.

You could opt to purchase an automatic swimming pool cover rather than a manual safety cover or pool net.  Such covers are easier to use as you can simply turn a key and have them open or close.  However they require extensive installation, permits, electrical work, etc.  These covers can cost several thousand (if not tens of thousands) of dollars.   In areas where water cost is extremely high and evaporation a major issue, sometimes automatic covers are a good option.  Nonetheless, if you are dreaming about owning a swimming pool it is likely you are hoping to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sparkling water as much as possible rather than looking at a piece of plastic over the pool.  While pool covers are great for keeping pools clean, mesh pool fences also prevent leaves, debris and animals from entering the pool helping keep them cleaner.